Improved environmental and community health


Utilities that are in compliance with federal & state regulations


Sustainable water and waste-disposal systems


Increased capability of local leaders to address current & future needs

The difference rcap makes

RCAP works in small, rural communities across the United States, its territories, and in tribal areas. Most of the communities where RCAP works are low-income and have a population under 2,500.

RCAP’s assistance enables communities to provide a reliable, safe and clean supply of drinking water and a sanitary wastewater disposal system. The health of residents is protected, the environment is cared for, and the economies of whole communities are supported by this critical infrastructure.

  • 153,000 public water systems in the US

  • 400 billion gallons of water used in the US each day

  • 1 Million miles of water pipeline and aqueducts in the US and Canada, enough to circle the earth 40 times

Small-Systems Matter


public water systems are community water systems


of community systems are small, serving less than 10,000 people


of those systems serve fewer than 500 people

7 Steps to Effective Drought Contingency Planning

August 2014 Lessons from RCAC’s Drought Mitigation Planning Workshops By Neil Worthen, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC)   California’s three-year drought is on track to be one of the worst in state history. It is causing economic harm to farmers, ranchers, and farmworkers, threatening the water supplies of cities and towns, and harming numerous animal

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RCAP Responds to White House’s Infrastructure Plan and Proposed Budget

The Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) is committed to working with the White House and Congress on infrastructure projects benefiting rural America    Washington, DC (Feb. 12, 2018) – For more than four decades, the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) has been committed to ensuring that rural and small communities throughout the country have access

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An “On the Ground” View of Work of a Hawaii Circuit Rider

Providing oversight and direction for hands-on issues with small water systems The people of Hawaiian Shores Community Association on the Big Island work hard to make their community vibrant, healthy and sustainable. When the community faced high water pressure problems, the association’s water system staff and Rural Community Assistance Corporation’s (RCAC) Hawaii circuit rider joined

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The Water Workforce

RCAP’s mission is to help small, rural communities operate their drinking water and wastewater systems well – in an efficient, effective, and sustainable way. We provide training and technical assistance to members of small, rural communities who are involved with their water systems. These people include members of the board or governing

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How Do We Get Clean, Safe Water

Despite using and benefitting from drinking water and wastewater systems multiple times every day, most of us don’t even think about or know how these systems work. It takes a lot, in terms of natural, human, financial and other resources, as well as physical, chemical and biological processes, to bring clean, safe drinking water to

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NEW ORLEANS, LA | April 23rd-26th, 2018 RCAP’s 2018 National Training Conference Sponsorship Information The 2018 RCAP National Training Conference will take place in New Orleans from April 23-26, 2018. This conference is a national gathering of the RCAP network to learn best practices for supporting rural communities around the nation. The RCAP National Training

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