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The eBulletin is now called A Drop of Knowledge

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A Drop of Knowledge (formerly the eBulletin ) is one of RCAP’s main communications resources. It is an electronic newsletter delivered via email that provides tools focusing on issues facing water and wastewater systems and small, rural communities.

The newsletter's name reflects its purpose, to provide:

  • useful, practical information – knowledge that you can put into action in your water or wastewater system or community
  • a small amount of new knowledge – just enough to make a difference without requiring you to embark on large improvements that may be overwhelming

A Drop of Knowledge is designed for staff of water systems/utilities, board members and elected officials. It provides helpful tips, guides and resources on practical subjects and is written in plain English. The information it contains will help you make informed decisions to benefit your community, keep your system in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency regulations, and maintain water quality in the most proactive way. The newsletter provides information on the technical, managerial, financial and governance aspects of running a small water or wastewater system and will, on occasion, address security issues as its predecessor, the eBulletin, did.

A Drop of Knowledge is sent free to subscribers by email every month around the middle of the month.
2011 and earlier
Issues of the eBulletin produced prior to 2012 are archived in the Resources Library on this site. Click on Publications and Resources -->RCAP Resources Library in the main menu at the top of any page. To find past eBulletin articles, you can either search by keyword for the topic of the artilce or choose "Magaine/newsletter (single article)"  under "Type" when you use the filter mode of searching.